Supporting Local

Supporting local is something we value, in efforts to support our community and the local economy in Nashville. With purchasing a majority of our flowers in-season locally, we support our incredible, hardworking flower farmers. We find great beauty in what nature has to offer, at the specific season, in the right climate, bringing together the natural colors of spring, summer, fall and winter. With supporting local, during the season, we bring you the purest of flowers- organically grown within a 100 mile radius. In the off-season, foraging is one way we supplement our flowers, responsibly harvesting the beautiful landscape around us, along with consciously sourced flowers from as many small-family-owned farms in the U.S.


Green Door Gourmet
Nashville, TN

"Green Door Gourmet grows up to 80 varieties of herbs and flowers, and a wide assortment of fresh produce grown using natural methods which follow an organic holistic model. We harvest as close to customer-scheduled pick up as possible to maintain the integrity of our product."


White's Creek Flower Farm


"Whites Creek Flower Farm is an artisanal permaculture flower farm just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Whites Creek is a historic rural area; the farm is located in Johnson Hollow, right on Judy Creek, at the foot of the Highland Rim.

Our flowers are lovingly grown and organically managed using permaculture methodology. We grow many unusual varieties, specializing in an English country garden aesthetic. Our bouquets are elegant and imbued with a sense of whimsy. And they are raised with a profound respect for the ecosystem of which they are a part."



Basil & Bergamot Farm


Basil & Bergamot Flower Farm is a small flower design studio and farm located in the beautiful countryside of Whites Creek, Tennessee about 12 minutes north of downtown Nashville. We specialize in growing flowers with beautiful colors, amazing fragrance, and longstanding beauty.  Everything is grown with loving care and the utmost respect for nature.  No harsh chemicals or fertilizers are ever used on our flowers.



Humble Flowers Farm


Humble Flowers is a small, women-owned-and-operated flower farm, located in beautiful Bells Bend, just outside of Nashville. As farmer-florists, we provide field-to-vase service - specializing in everything from growing from seed to styling special events.

They focus on unique and heirloom varieties of flowers you won't find anywhere else. They sell bouquets and buckets of flowers at local farmer's markets and through our CSA. 

Their flowers are grown without synthetic chemicals or pesticides and harvested just hours before going to market, ensuring fresh, naturally beautiful flowers. When you support Humble Flowers, you are supporting the local economy, young farmers and environmentally conscious flower farming practices.



Turnbull Creek Farms
Bon Aqua, TN

Turnbull Creek Farm is a Certified Organic, small family farm in Bon Aqua, Tennessee, located just outside of Nashville.  We specialize in growing a variety of produce and cut flowers.  

"We moved to this small piece of land in 2003 , and have since then worked to make it as productive, effecient, sustainable, beautiful, and loved as our little farm can be.

We moved to Tennessee soon after our son was born, and bought this small piece of land just 10 miles from my parents' house.  We began building our dream right away, plowing up the back field that once was a goat pasture, closing in the garage for my husband's guitar building shop, and putting up our heated greenhouse.  We continue to find joy in the work, in feeding ourselves, in developing a community around us, and in the freedom and beauty we experience on a daily basis."





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