#ConsiderTheLocalFlwrs Flower Recipe

To continue with our weekly collaboration with Consider The Wldflwrs, here is a bouquet whipped up this morning from last night's harvest on our farm, Six Boots Growers Collective.   

Follow the recipe to see if you can re-create this local beauty with a touch of your own! 

5 Sunflowers: Autumn Beauty and Strawberry Blonde
6 Stems of Astilbe (from a pal's yard)
8 Zinnias: Polar Bear (large white) and Persian Carpet (little pops of yellow)
3 Branches of Flowering Tomatoes
5 Stems of Flowering Mint
8 Echinacea (common cone flower)

Interested in growing these on your own?
All seeds can be found at one of my favorite resources: www.johnnyseeds.com